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Our Story

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ThrottleUp founder and CEO Kristen Taraszewski started her career as a flight control engineer at NASA. She was involved in astronaut training and saw firsthand just how effectively teams can share knowledge to achieve literally out-of-this-world performance.

After leaving NASA to raise her children, Kristen returned to the tech world to build a custom training program for a global industrial automation company. She designed an approach that combined what she had learned at NASA with her additional learning science expertise — and the results were exceptional. The company saw 34,000 additional hours of training, plus a dramatic lift in sales and revenue.
Kristen repeated this success with eight more companies and knew she was onto something. She was joined by Chief of Business Strategy, Denis Lussault, and a rockstar advisory team from MIT. And together, they built the revolutionary ThrottleUp Tech Training Platform to automate Kristen’s proven process at scale.

Our Mission & Vision

At ThrottleUp, our mission is to make learning highly complex topics fun, so that companies doing big things today can do even bigger things tomorrow.

We’ve seen firsthand what effective learning can do — both for individual job satisfaction as well as your business’ bottom line.

But for too long, snooze-inducing, lecture-based training has been the norm. We help people break free from the limits of outdated training, using a proven, proprietary process to boost learning and lift performance.

ThrottleUp will transform the future of work with gaming and peer-to-peer knowledge sharing tools that make learning fast, easy, and fun.

Our Core Values


There are no limits to what people can do when given the right tools. We love contributing to something bigger than ourselves.


We constantly strive for self-development, learning just as much through our failures as we do through our successes.


We’re thankful for every opportunity, as well as each other and our ability to live and appreciate one another authentically.


We work hard and with singular purpose. We say what we mean because we have faith in our team members and their motives.


We are relentless. We find creative, unique, efficient solutions — and we don’t stop until we have exceeded every expectation.


While we are highly driven to succeed and believe that our work is meaningful, we also remain modest about our achievements.   

Meet the ThrottleUp Team

Our Founder: Kristen Taraszewski

An engineer by degree, Kristen fell in love with learning science 10 years ago. She finds endless joy and fulfillment in using the “rocket science” of learning to change lives and accelerate businesses — and feels incredibly lucky to work with the creative, powerful ThrottleUp team every day. Although she’s worked at NASA, built a successful company, and so much more, Kristen still considers her greatest achievement to be her family.

Our Staff

Our small group has grown into a global team of visionaries, engineers, learning experts, and developers — all passionate about helping people and transforming training.

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Denis Lussault

Chief of Business Strategy

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joe harsad

Joe Harstad

Director, Full Stack Development

jeff jackman

Jeff Jackman


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Rob Sedor

Sales Advisor

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Ivan Kostadinov

Web Developer, Kin + Carta Dev Partners

Peter Cvetanov

Backend developer, Kin + Carta Dev Partners

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Denis Dimitrov

Web Lead, Kin + Carta Dev Partners

Our Board

Our advisory board, which includes 3 EMBAs from MIT, brings over 100 years of collective expertise to the table, spanning software, sales leadership, adult learning, and more.

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Muthla Al-Sayer

CEO omniX labs, Venture Partner NG|VP, Member YPO, MIT Sloan School of Management, EMBA

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krikor image

Krikor Dzeronian

ThrottleUp Technology Lead, Co-founder Electives, MIT Sloan School of Management, EMBA

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jeff baker

Jeff Baker

VP US Sales, Board of Directors Burkert Fluid Control Systems

jhon kirk
John Kirk

 Retired Sales Executive, Principal, Kirk Enterprise, LLC

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Denis Lussault

Startup Executive and Consultant, MIT Sloan School of Management, EMBA

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